National Food Strategy Part One - why it matters

National Food Strategy Part One - why it matters
28 October 2020
Henry Dimbleby has produced a roundup of the evidence and insights behind the three recommendations in the National Food Strategy.
National Food Strategy.

As food campaigners across England remain united in pushing the government to implement the first three recommendations of Part One of the National Food Strategy (NFS), Henry Dimbleby, has published further explanation of why these areas should be a priority.

In the document, he provides the rationale behind each of the three recommendations in Part One, describing each of the programmes and showing the evidence to support them, and lays out three key insights that underpinned the recommendations:

  • The problem of childhood food poverty in this country is real, serious, and immediate

  • The problem will get worse for the foreseeable future

  • The impact of hunger on children is serious and long lasting

You can find Henry’s helpful document here which will help us all frame the argument for urgent action to support children’s health and wellbeing.