Wales serves 15 million free school meals in two years

5 December 2023
An agreement between Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru is bearing fruit as millions of meals have been served to primary pupils.

The Welsh Government continues its rollout of school food for all primary pupils, as it hits a landmark 15 million meals served over the past two years. 142,000 pupils have become eligible so far, with all primary pupils expected to be eligible by the end of next year.

The Labour Welsh Government has a co-operation agreement with Plaid Cymru, which includes a pledge to provide free school meals for all primary school pupils and over 6,000 nursery pupils.

Scotland is also progressing past means testing children, as it rolls out school meals for all children in primary school, and London too is providing FSM to all of its primary pupils. Given Northern Ireland has less restrictive eligibility criteria, England is the harshest UK nation when it comes to feeding schoolchildren. Westminster continues to deny around one million children living in poverty in England a free school meal.

We call on English politicians to prevent this postcode lottery worsening. Follow the lead of Wales and invest in great school food for all, no matter where they grow up.

Ymlaen, Cymru!