Our asks for the next Mayor of London

15 March 2021
Ahead of the London Mayoral election in May, we’ve been working with our friends in the food sector, to develop a manifesto for healthy and sustainable food in London.

This May, Londoners will turn out to vote for their next Mayor. Working with Sustain, Feedback and Food Foundation, we have described the future for school food and food education in a Good Food Manifesto (see below) with specific policy asks for the next Mayor of London to adopt.

The pandemic has brought the challenges of health inequalities and obesity into sharp focus, and in the London Recovery Programme, the GLA has committed to every Londoner living in a healthy food neighbourhood by 2025. As part of this commitment, we’re joining the call for London to lead the charge and ensure that all children can access a healthy lunch through universal free school meals. This bold action would not only remove the stigma of free school meals and support children’s nutrition, but also provide a welcome boost to the local economy, through the local food supply chain and jobs for local people. 

Here are some more ideas we’d like the Mayor to consider:

  • investment in a school food improvement officers for every borough, 

  • investment in school gardens to support healthy living and student wellbeing,

  • investment in drinking fountains and water refill stations in schools to eliminate the need to sell water to children in plastic bottles.

We call on all Mayoral candidates to embody the policies from our Good Food Manifesto in their own election manifestos. These will help to make a more equal London and one where every child is provided with the best start possible.