Joining Jamie at the Downing Street Demo

20 May 2022
School Food Matters joined Jamie Oliver and other campaigners at Downing Street today, to demonstrate our dismay at the government’s U-turn on safeguarding children’s health.

Last month the government passed the Health and Care Act 2022, which included plans to protect children’s health by taking junk food out of the spotlight. However, this week the government announced it will be kicking these plans into the long grass.

In response, Jamie Oliver rallied the troops to head to Downing Street and demonstrate what an #EtonMess has been made of this important policy. At lunch time today, School Food Matters joined protesters from across the country at the famous gates on Whitehall. Despite the rain, plenty of people were there from a range of backgrounds, all in agreement on one thing: children’s health must come first.

  • Jamie Oliver with an Eton Mess talking with protesters outside Downing Street
    Jamie Oliver with an Eton Mess talking with protesters outside Downing Street

We know that restricting junk food advertising works, from the great success seen by Transport for London doing so. And this was of no detriment to TfL’s advertising revenue, in fact it saw an increase! If that wasn’t enough, the government’s own research shows that multibuy promotions actually mean consumers end up spending more, as they buy 22% more than they would normally.

Boris Johnson needs to firm up his position on his own policy and follow the science. To encourage him, please use this e-action to ask your MP to write to the prime minister, urging him to protect children’s health and put nutritious food centre stage.