Food insecurity during lockdown

Food insecurity during lockdown
8 September 2020
New data reveals 14% of UK families with children have experienced food insecurity in the past six months
The Food Foundation

The data, taken from the 6th YouGov survey commissioned by the Food Foundation, demonstrates the need for urgent action to address the high numbers of families experiencing food insecurity.

The data released by the Food Foundation shows:

  • 14% of adults living with children reported experiencing moderate or severe food insecurity in the last 6 months of lockdown. This equates to roughly four million people - including 2.3 million children - who live in these households.

  • 12% of adults living with children reported skipping meals because they could not afford or access food in the last 6 months, while 4% of adults living with children reported having gone for a whole day without eating in the last 6 months

The Food Foundation has joined the Child Food Poverty Taskforce, formed and spear-headed by Marcus Rashford, and is calling on the Government to allocate sufficient budget funding to implement three policy recommendations included in the National Food Strategy:

  1. Expand eligibility for the Free School Meal scheme to include every child (up to the age of 16) from a household where the parent or guardian is in receipt of Universal Credit (or equivalent benefits1). Under this recommendation an estimated additional 1.5 million 7-16 year olds would benefit from Free School Meals.

  2. Extend the Holiday Activity and Food Programme to all areas in England, so that summer holiday support is available to all children in receipt of Free School Meals.

  3. Increase the value of Healthy Start vouchers to £4.25 per week and expand the scheme to every pregnant woman and to all households with children under 4 where a parent or guardian is in receipt of Universal Credit or equivalent benefits.

The full data and report can be read here.