Schools eating less and better meat and dairy

14 May 2021
Eating Better today release a report on the shift to climate-friendly menus across the public sector; schools, healthcare and universities.

In conjunction with Public Sector Catering magazine, the alliance conducted a survey of caterers representing around 5,000 sites across the UK. The survey found that progress is being made, with 80% of respondents committing to reduce the amount of meat they serve and 83% already increasing the use of plant proteins.

A majority have changed menus to give meat-free options more prominence and are reducing or removing meat-based dishes. The main drivers for this are customer demand and concerns about climate, nature and health.

School Food Matters recently joined Eating Better and, along with over 60 other organisations, we support eating less and better meat and dairy. It is a promising sign that public sector caterers are increasingly conscious of the impact of menu choices on our climate, but there’s still some way to go! Recommendations in the report include having at least one day a week where only plant-based food is served and replacing meat with beans, pulses, nuts and vegetables.

Read more in Eating Better’s blog here.