Dr Nick Capstick OBE chairs campaign for school food review

Dr Nick Capstick OBE chairs campaign for school food review
Profile picture of Dr Nick Capstick OBE
1 July 2021
Dr Nick Capstick is to be the chair of the new School Food Review working group; asking the Government to undertake a comprehensive review of the English school food system.

As the pandemic has exposed a plethora of existing problems with school food, a group of school food experts and campaigners have come together to ask the government to review the entire system. Today we introduce Dr Nick Capstick OBE as chair of the group, who is CEO of the White Horse Federation multi-academy trust. Nick calls for “a post-Covid reset of school food, to set the stage for a healthier generation.” More about Nick and the organisations represented in the group can be found in today’s press release.

The first stage of our work is to conduct this survey, which we invite anyone with an interest in school food to contribute to.

This work is being coordinated by School Food Matters, BiteBack2030 and the Food Foundation, with support from Impact on Urban Health. See our School Food Review web page for more details as this exciting campaign begins.