Breakfast Boxes extended thanks to public support

21 December 2020
Thanks to donations from the public, we’ve now extended our Breakfast Boxes scheme to distribute another 10,000 breakfasts to vulnerable families in Southwark, providing them with nutritious food throughout the Christmas holidays.

There’s been an incredible outpouring of support since we announced our Breakfast Boxes scheme last week, funded by UNICEF UK in its first-ever emergency response in the UK. The initial funding allowed us to deliver 18,000 healthy breakfasts to families severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in Southwark, London. Now thanks to the public’s donations we’ve been able to deliver an additional 10,000 breakfasts to families from seven hubs across the borough. 

Our Founder and CEO Stephanie Slater said: “We are very grateful to the public for responding so generously to help feed families and children impacted by the pandemic. All donations received will go directly into our Breakfast Boxes programme, providing a two week supply of nutritious food so that families can enjoy the school holidays."

The coronavirus pandemic is the most urgent crisis affecting children since the Second World War, upending children’s lives around the world and in the UK. Even before the pandemic struck, an estimated 2.4 million UK children were already growing up in food-insecure households and since March 2020, families have struggled to make ends meet and access food, as the economy suffers and jobs have been lost. In Southwark, there are 15,000 children who are vulnerable to food poverty.

Stephanie Slater added: “Families are really struggling and many were facing the grim reality of a two-week winter break without access to free school meals and the indignity of having to rely on food banks to feed their children. By providing our Breakfast Boxes, families know that their children will have a great start to the day with a healthy nutritious breakfast.”

She continued: “Our Breakfast Boxes programme has also shown us that the threshold for free school meal eligibility is too low to capture all the families in need of support. That’s why we're joining Marcus Rashford in his call for an extension to free school meal eligibility. We cannot continue to rely on civil society to fill the hunger gap as too many children will miss out on the nutrition they need to thrive.”