Fresh Enterprise students taste industry success as classroom-made pastes go on sale

26 April 2024
Each year, the Belazu Foundation selects pastes made by students participating in our Fresh Enterprise programme to be put into production and sold. Last year's winning pastes are now available for purchase!

Our Fresh Enterprise programme teaches secondary school students about the food industry by giving them the opportunity to create their own food products and experience the journey from concept to store shelf.

For the past seven years, we have partnered with the Belazu Foundation to deliver this programme in eight schools at a time across London. The Belazu Foundation is a charity whose goal is to support food and educational projects for children and young people in the UK and the Mediterranean. The programme is delivered over a few months and includes the following sessions:

  • a tour of Belazu’s specialist premises
  • creative cooking session to create new product flavours for Belazu pastes 
  • a food label design marketing workshop
  • Dragons' Den-style presentation to the Belazu team

At the end of the programme, the Belazu Foundation selects the winning product to be produced and sold on the Belazu website. All proceeds go to the Belazu Foundation to support the following year’s Fresh Enterprise programme. In 2023, pastes from two schools were selected to go into production. Elthorne Park High School created a Smoky Spicy Sensation paste and Whitefield School created a Blushing Beets paste. You can buy their delicious creations directly on the Belazu website:  

  • Buy the Smoky Spicy Sensation paste here.  
  • Buy the Blushing Beets paste here

"We enjoyed creating the paste the most as we got to be creative, make a product from scratch and invent something new. We enjoyed figuring out which ingredients worked well together and how we could get our paste made so that each individual flavour of the ingredients could be tasted when they were combined. We also felt proud when we were told that our paste had won as we had created something unique that belonged to us, something that we could gladly call our own!" - Students from Whitefield School  

Fresh Enterprise sessions give students a platform to learn about careers in the food industry and inspire a love of creative food production and marketing. This kind of food education might even inspire new talent to enter the world of food. Stay tuned for information on this year's sessions.

Learn more about our Belazu Partnership here.  

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