Blog: Little chefs at St Mary’s get stuck into kitchen fun

24 August 2021
We've been busy with another holiday food and fun programme this time at St Mary's Battersea, supported by Abel & Cole.

Not only did the children have fun with their friends, but they also had a nutritious and balanced lunch too. As food education enthusiasts, we thought some hands-on cooking would be a perfect fit for the programme and one of our SFM project officers stepped up to the plate.

A delicious Coconut and Sweet Potato Curry was first up on the menu. The excitable groups had a go at preparing a variety of vegetables including peppers, onions, cauliflower, and sweet potato. The smells started drifting through the school corridors and, as you can imagine, we had plenty of visitors popping in!

Using their measuring skills, the group then combined an assortment of spices, so the curry was bursting with flavour. At the end of the day, the children couldn’t wait to show their families what they had made and let them have a taste of their creations.

Little chefs at St Mary’s
Through our national Young Marketeers programmes primary school pupils learn about local and environmental impacts of food surplus, grow their own vegetables, engage in food marketing education, and sell their harvests.

The key stage 2 group had the wonderful idea of going up to the school’s vegetable patch on the rooftop playground and seeing if there were any goodies up there that we could cook. How could we say no to that!?  There were lots of vegetables ready to be harvested from cabbage and beetroot to carrots and onions. The cabbage did put up a bit of a fight but, with a bit of teamwork, we got it out.  We headed back to the kitchen and washed, prepared and roasted the vegetables before doing a taste test of our colourful crops.

It was great to hear some of the children’s thoughts on the roasted vegetables:

“The cauliflower is soft, sweet and tasty.”

“I tried roast pepper and it was the best.”

“I rate the sweet potato as 5/5, it was delicious.”

Little chefs at St Mary’s

A Summer Berry and Apple Crumble was our final recipe and children got stuck in straight away. Their favourite element seemed to be, unsurprisingly, rubbing the butter into the flour with their fingers - they all made very good crumble monsters (see photo!).

After baking our crumble, the children were able to take their seasonal dessert home to share with their families. All the kids were eager to take the recipes for both dishes and keen to try and make them again at home using the skills and knowledge practised in the sessions.

Little chefs at St Mary’s

We hope the children of St Marys and Sacred Heart had a fantastic summer camp experience and enjoyed the range of activities organised for them, we certainly enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen with you all!

Jenny Martin, Project Officer