Blog: Charity to provide school with 5,000 pieces of fruit or veg every week for a year!

10 January 2022
Abel & Cole’s new charity initiative, One Box: One Portion, will donate one piece of seasonal and delicious fruit or veg for every single box they sell for an entire year. We are very lucky to be one of three charities benefitting from this fantastic offer.

Our job was figuring out what we could do with a delivery of 5,000 pieces of fruit or veg every single week, and how this could support our mission to improve children’s access to healthy, sustainable food while at school.

We landed on diverting all the fruit and veg on offer to Bacon’s College in London - one of the first secondary schools to take part in our Healthy Zones programme.

With nearly 1,000 students at the school, we felt this would be a fruitful outcome. So, starting today, every student at Bacon’s College will be offered one piece of fruit or veg every single day for the whole school year.

At the end of each week, any excess will be shared with the families in their local area. It is great to know this will benefit all in the school community.

The Head Girl of Bacon’s said: “This donation of fruit and veg provides students at our school with new snacks they can have. Being in a secondary school, you tend to have lots of alternatives that are not as healthy, so having fruit and veg means they get the nutrients they need”.

The Head Boy said: “Fruit and veg can be expensive, and this is a way to allow us to try new fruit and veg. And fruit and veg is a good alternative to cheap food like chicken and chips after school.”

A huge thank you to Abel & Cole for this very generous offer and Bacon’s College for partnering with us on this trailblazing scheme.

Learn more about the One Box: One Portion initiative here.