Blog: Students share their thoughts on new spaghetti snacks – watch out Jay Rayner!

27 January 2022
A big part of our Healthy Zones programme involves working with staff and students in breakfast and after school clubs to encourage healthier menus and balanced portions.

This term, we have been working closely with motivated staff from Tree Tops after school clubs at three primary schools - St.Joseph’s, Charles Dickens and Rotherhithe.

January has been very Italian in theme with clubs trialling new healthy spaghetti snacks. At St.Joseph’s and Rotherhithe, a cheesy tomato pasta sweetened with corn hit students’ plates, while at Charles Dickens, it was a creamy spaghetti bursting with peas and spinach.

Our Healthy Zones programme supports schools to create a food environment that puts young people's health centre stage.

So over to the pasta connoisseurs – what did the students think?

Many sluuurrped up the chance to put their food critic hats on to write some flavoursome and opinionated reviews. We hope you enjoy reading them and maybe even try out the recipes too! Buon appetito!

The five-star dish

“I think the food was amazing and I want to have it every day. It was so delicious. If you went to this after school club, you would love it. It smelt like dreams, and it tasted like heaven in my mouth. The sound was a sort of slurping noise. It had lots of tasty vegetables and garlic. Please eat it because it’s so good!”

Getting into the food critic mindset!

“The pasta was above average but slightly uncooked. It looked and smelt decent but needed more cheese and slightly better presentation. It tasted great but there was room for improvement. Personally, I think it would have been nicer as linguine. The table was quite dirty after all the slurping!”

Paradise pasta

“The food was amazing. It makes me want to eat it again. It smelt like paradise and the chewing sounded like music to my ears. Eat it now!”

Mixed review

“I liked the pasta and corn, but the herbs and tomatoes weren’t my favourite.”