Blog: Sharpening tastebuds at Archbishop Tenison’s fruit salad workshops

27 July 2021
Blue skies, sunshine and the summer holidays just around the corner - what better time for Archbishop Tenison’s School students to learn how to make a refreshing fruit salad?

Last week, as part of the Archbishop Tenison’s British Values event, School Food Matters with partner Chefs in Schools and Annika, founder of Nika’s Kitchen, delivered fabulously fruity workshops for Y7-Y10 students. In our mission to teach children about food, these workshops provided the perfect chance for students to sharpen their knife skills and see that healthy can be tasty, easy and enjoyable to make. Focusing on the specific British value of individual liberty, our aim was for students to leave the workshops feeling empowered to look after their bodies and inspired to make healthier choices.  

Monday’s workshops starred the summery classic of sliced up strawberries with lemon and mint, followed by Tuesday’s tropical chunky fruit salad topped off with a mango puree. With a variety of fruits on offer to cut up and try, students were intrigued to see the inside of a blueberry wasn’t blue, find out that pineapples take two years to grow and hear that there are a whopping two hundred seeds in the coat of a single strawberry!  

Chef Annika said, ‘I'm keen to share my skills and experience with others, especially the youth. Setting a foundation in mindful food choices from a young age plays a major role in the choices made in the adult years. It is truly rewarding and satisfying to see the joy in the faces of students whilst they explore food preparation; even more so, when they taste the result of their efforts!’

Eating their colourful pots at the end, amongst lip smacking comments, one student pointed out, ‘these are like the fruit pots you see in Tesco, I’m going to buy these now!’. As Archbishop Tenison’s start their Healthy Zones journey in September, we are excited to see students not only buying more fruits but hopefully chopping them up in their breakfast club too!

Hope Rapp - Project Officer