Gardening With Lucy

Thanks to the Environmental Grant Fund, we sent skilled horticulturalist, Lucy Nacson-Jones, along to 10 of our member schools across London.

Lucy used these sessions to give practical advice about developing or revitalising growing areas in school playgrounds. Each session was specially designed to meet the needs of our member schools.

Berrymede Junior School - Lucy worked with the gardening club to help Year 3 sow tomatoes into pots, and parsnips and carrots into raised beds.

Chase Bridge Primary - Students learned all about what seeds need in order to grow into healthy plants and had a go at sowing some beans in recycled cups. They also had a close-up examination of the school compost! Enjoy this lovely write up on Facebook.

"We had a fun time planting beans. I can't wait for mine to grow!"- Year 3 student. 

John Ruskin Primary - Year 2 got into the spirit of spring by sowing lettuce, carrot and beans.

Riverside Primary - The gardening club planted runner beans into teepee formations, all ready for the plants to climb up the bean poles.

St Joseph's RC Primary - Working with the gardening club, Lucy helped the school plan for the summer term with a list of jobs to be done and things to grown and eat!

St Richards CE Primary - Students learned how to clear and prepare a bed ready for planting potatoes.

"It was really fun planting the potatoes"- Year 4 student

Stamford Hill Primary - Students helped sow beetroot and radish seeds into raised beds and inside their spectacular geodesic dome. 

"I learned that one pea can make lots of peas!"- Year 5 student.

Trafalgar Infant School - Reception students had a go at both direct sowing in their outdoor beds as well as sowing beans into pots.

Trafalgar Junior School - The gardening club tried their hand at seed sowing and learned how to clear and prepare the ground for planting.