Save Our School Food Standards

In 2011, together with Jamie Oliver, Children's Food Campaign, LACA, Children's Food Trust and Food for Life, SFM asked supporters to lobby their MPs to sign EDM 54, calling for the mandatory school food standards to apply to all schools without exemption.

In 2012, we continued this campaign during our work with the School Food Plan. Read our submission to the School Food Plan here.

In 2013 the Plan committed to develop and pilot a set of food standards within a nutrition framework. The revised food standards were announced in March 2014 with a consultation period that completed in April. All schools are required to follow these standards from January 2015 including new academies through their funding agreements.  For information on the new standards please visit the School Food Plan website. Our task now is to persuade the government to close the 'regulation gap' so that the 3,896 academies currently exempt from the legislation will be obliged to comply.

In December 2015 we wrote to Nicky Morgan asking her to make our Christmas Wish come true by making standards apply to all schools. This echoed the recommendations of the Health Select Committee in their report Childhood Obesity; Brave and Bold Action.

In August 2016 the Childhood Obesity Plan (p9) highlighted the academies gap and pledged to lead a campaign to encourage all schools to sign up to the standards. This is a start but we believe that voluntary standards don't work and school food standards must be mandatory. If the Department for Education (DFE) saw fit to change the funding agreements for new academies so that they had to comply, clearly the job needs to be finished by sweeping up the 3,896 academies in the gap.

With the School Food Plan Alliance, we met with DFE in January to offer our support for any action to close the regulation gap. We're still waiting to hear back from the DFE about the details of the academies campaign - watch this space!

Election 2017

Time to get back on the campaign trail and ask the parties to pledge support for Universal Infant Free School Meals and more in their election manifestos. Read our letter to the PM here and look out for responses from all the main parties - we'll be posting their letters here.