Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

As part of the Childhood Obesity Plan (chapters 1 and 2) Government has proposed a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme (HSRS) which would be used to evaluate how schools are supporting children to keep themselves healthy.

At SFM we believe that a HSRS that works for everyone can be developed through consultation and collaboration.  That's why we turned to parents, school staff and governors to find out their views.  You can read the report here but in a nutshell:

  • 97% of people surveyed are in favour of a Healthy Schools Rating Scheme (HSRS)
  • When asked if the scheme should be mandatory, 85% of respondents agreed.
  • 93% are in favour of the HSRS being applied to all state funded schools.
  • When asked if Ofsted should monitor the scheme, 72% of all people surveyed, and 76% of parents, agreed.

Our report
 has been supported by over 30 organisations including our campaign partners, Jamie Oliver, Food for Life and the Children's Food Campaign. We'll be joining together to put pressure on the Department for Education to get this much-needed scheme across the line.