The 2019 General Election is on! Read about our priorities, and compare party policies here.

The 2019 General Election provides an opportunity for every party to show its commitment to the health and wellbeing of children at school by ensuring they have access to healthy, sustainable school meals. If this commitment is underpinned by comprehensive food education, we can support children and young people to become mindful, healthy adults.

School Food Matters believes the following five areas should be the focus for any future reform in school meals:

  • School Food Standards
  • Food Education
  • Free School Meals
  • Better Procurement
  • Promoting Water

Helpful Links:

School Food Matters Manifesto 2019 - Read more about our priorities in this election

Conversations with Canvassers - For help with having conversations about the importance of healthy school meals, with some suggested questions you can ask party activists that appear on your doorstep.

General Election 2019 Report Card (UPDATED) - To make it easier to keep track of what each party has promised in these areas